“Johnny is a gift for any director who is interested in communicating inner truth and realism.  His characters are very grounded, present and absolutely compelling to watch. You want a great method actor who lifts himself up to the character and takes you on moment by moment journey, you got him in Johnny.” - Andrey Estrelis - Director “True West” & “Match

"Working with Johnny was an absolute privilege for a young filmmaker like myself. His experience, eagerness and professionalism radiates throughout the working environment. I couldn't have asked for a reliable and fun actor to work with" - Omar Dzlieri - Director “The Broken Silence

"Johnny went balls-out, every take, all day long. He owned the role." - Ryan Daddi - Director “I Love You Less

“Johnny Gilligan took a character I had written on a page and gave me a 100% real, honest to God fully fleshed human being on film.  I have worked with some very good actors, but I have yet to work with anyone with the range that Johnny presents. There is literally no role I have ever written that is outside of Johnny's range or ability.  If I had to bet my career on one actor playing one role, the guy I would choose would not be Nicholson, DeNiro, Day-Lewis or Firth. It would be Johnny Gilligan.” - Ryan Tungate Director “Sticks & Stones

"Johnny is a one of kind actor, with an amazing ability to find a character's motivation and bring something unique to screen with each take.  Beyond that, Johnny always provides a one of a kind memorable and moving performance. I look forward to working with him again and wish him continued success in everything he does."  - Michael D. Nes Director “Soldier's Horse

"John is a real pleasure to work with in every way. Not only is he professional and is very good at his craft, he is also flexible and easy to work with. Always on time and willing to put in the necessary hours if a shoot runs over. I've worked with him several times and he is always reliably good. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with John and look forward to working with him in the future as well."  - Ben Lioe Director “Amends

"I had the privilege of working with Johnny on my film Stan's Job. We had a great time working together. As a new director, I found Johnny very easy to work with. He always had a mysterious air about him, often opting not to fraternize with the rest of the crew between takes (this may have been as he was still keeping in character for the grueling shoot, which included a brutal fist fight and required him to be both stabbed and shot), but he was very patient with me, making sure he understood exactly what I wanted so he could help me realize my vision. He also never allowed me to be lazy, often challenging me with my suggestions and directions, though always in a respectable manner, and I firmly believe that because of Johnny's strong grasp of story and also, of course, of the character he was playing, this played a big hand in why the film came out as great as it is."  - Darren Virtue Director “Stan’s Job”

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